Friday, February 22, 2008

WebQuests Designed for Guiding Students through Service Learning

Below are links to webquests designed by students in the Civil Rights/Service Learning module who were unable to engage in service learning with students. Their alternative assignment was to create a webquest that would guide intermediate level students through the process of conceptualizing and enacting a service project.

Lecture: Michael S. Green, Ph.D. — "Civil Rights in Las Vegas"

Lecture: Michael S. Green, Ph.D. — "Civil Rights in Las Vegas"

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Video: Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things (Farmer's Insurance)

In addition to the Freedom's Song video, Farmer's Insurance has produced other videos that are excellent. One of these, Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things, is available for you to view online. You can also order a DVD to keep in your classroom. See: mms://

The video is only 4 minutes long and shows images of great men and women in history. Using written text and music, it tells how these individuals thwarted their circumstances to create great change in the world. I think the video might be a great culmination of a service learning unit. Students will see that what might not seem like a lot at the beginning can truly be the beginning of something great. I think this video is particularly good for students who are from at-risk environments including those who have special needs. Enjoy!