Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Action Research Project Assignment Sheet

Action Research Project Assignment Sheet

The purpose of this assignment is to have teachers intentionally reflect on their practice. Consider the following quote:

"I've spent lots of time in schools and seen many exceptional educators—people who love their subjects and their students. And I've always wondered, as they teach the twentieth or thirtieth year of their careers, how do they keep their teaching fresh?

Visiting seasoned Chicago-area educators, I learned that none of them does quite the same thing in the classroom twice, and none teaches like the other. They do have one key trait in common: they're self-propelled. Their best source of professional development isn't a mandated chalk-and0talk or some perky pep rally, but their own curiosity. They're always looking for new ways to approach subjects and present material. They analyze students and their parents. They tear apart each lesson and look for the weak spots. They've each found a unique formula for making their teaching not just as good as it ever was, but better than its ever been before."
--Steven Drummond, "Forever Young," Teacher, January 2007

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