Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Project Citizen" Curriculum

I highly recommend the Project Citizen curriculum, a product of the Center for Civic Education. There are several curricula available for varying age groupings (beginning with a grade 4-8 text) that guide students through the decision to do a project, development of an action plan, implementation of that plan, and evaluation and presentation of the results. A benefit of the curriculum is that students who participate in the program (beginning in fifth grade) are eligible to compete by sharing their projects with other Project Citizen participating teams.

To obtain a copy of the Project Citizen curriculum, teachers must receive training. Pam Bledsoe is the Regional Coordinator for Southern Nevada for Project Citizen and is eager to help teachers receive the training needed to participate in the process. Additionally, Marcia Ellis is the Law-Related Education Coordinator and State Coordinator for Project Citizen. She can also help with training and assistance throughout the program. Please contact either Pam or Marcia if you have an interest in expanding your service learning experience through the use of the Project Citizen materials and methods.

An invitation to participate in Nevada competition is available here. Information about the research supporting use of civic education programs including Project Citizen is available here.

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